kid1 [ kıd ] noun ***
1. ) count INFORMAL a young adult:
a bunch of middle-class college kids
a ) kids plural someone's sons or daughters:
Have you got kids of your own?
We took the kids to the zoo last weekend.
b ) a child:
There was a group of kids playing in the street.
2. ) count a young goat
a ) uncount leather made from a young goat's skin:
elegant kid gloves
kid stuff
something that is very easy or not suitable for adults:
He thinks computer and video games are kid stuff.
new kid on the block
someone who has just started a new activity
kid 2 [ kıd ] verb *
1. ) intransitive or transitive usually progressive MAINLY SPOKEN to say something that is not true, especially as a joke:
He said that? You're kidding me.
just/only kidding: Just kidding. Don't worry.
a ) I kid you not HUMOROUS used for saying that you are telling the truth
b ) no kidding SPOKEN used for emphasizing that something is true:
He was three hours late for the meeting; no kidding!
c ) are you kidding? SPOKEN used for saying that you do not believe or agree with what someone is saying:
Let's meet in the park. Are you kidding? In this weather?
d ) kid yourself INFORMAL to make yourself believe something that is not true:
Consumers may be kidding themselves about how much they'll spend over Christmas.
e ) who is someone kidding? or who is someone trying to kid? INFORMAL used for saying that someone wants you to believe something, but everyone knows it is not true:
Professional businesswoman? Who is she kidding?
2. ) transitive to make jokes about someone, but in a kind way:
kid someone about something: I always used to kid him about his hair.
,kid a`round phrasal verb intransitive usually progressive MAINLY SPOKEN
to behave in a silly way:
We didn't mean it, we were just kidding around.
kid 3 [ kıd ] adjective only before noun INFORMAL
your kid brother or sister is your younger brother or sister

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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